Individuals & Families

Whether you come to us with a collection of stocks and bonds accumulated through personal savings, inherited wealth, or the proceeds of your entrepreneurial success, we will work with you to establish and maintain a prudent balance between income generation and principal growth that reflects your objectives.


Our portfolio managers are experienced in guiding you toward an appropriate long-term investment strategy in a world of rapid change.  Our separately managed portfolios are carefully monitored to take into account your personal goals and tax-related circumstances.  We can work with your attorney in the establishment of trusts, whether structured to take advantage of tax saving strategies, to provide for lifetime support of a child or other relative, or to serve current or future charitable giving objectives.  Conscientious attention to your evolving circumstances helps us to respond most effectively to your needs over a lifetime - or longer.


What most often brings individuals to us is their need for help in the construction and management of a portfolio of investments.  Yet it is the integration of other fiduciary and investment services into a comprehensive package that yields the greatest long-term benefit for an individual or family.  To that end we emphasize the coordination of various aspects of your financial circumstances and your investment program, including tax management.


Trust & Estate Planning 
Comprehensive financial management generally begins with the identification of short- and long-term goals, including the establishment of an estate plan.  In many instances, we work with your own attorneys.  Alternatively we can work with you to identify your financial planning goals and refer you to attorneys who can monitor relevant tax and regulatory developments and structure an appropriate estate plan.
Retirement assets, whether held as part of your taxable assets, in a separate IRA, or invested in your employer's pension or 401(k) program, are an integral part of your financial picture.  Our portfolio managers can analyze your family's combined assets, those held at Walden or elsewhere, to ensure that investment decisions are appropriate for your overall situation.