Large Cap Value

Objective & Approach

The objective of the Walden Large Cap Value strategy is to generate competitive returns with less risk than the benchmark over full market cycles. The strategy focuses on higher financial quality, attractive valuation, and portfolio diversification. Walden's high quality emphasis guides security selection, and the portfolio composition policy considers sector exposure and style factors. 

In addition to traditional financial analysis, Walden evaluates companies on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance. We evaluate practices relative to peers, improvement over time, management systems, and accountability through public reporting and responsiveness to shareholders. Walden advocates for improvements in portfolio company ESG practices through dialogues, meetings and shareholder resolutions. Walden’s ESG engagement activities focus on areas that help better position companies in a competitive marketplace.

Strategy Information
Asset Class  Large Cap Value Equity
Benchmark  Russell 1000® Value
Inception Date  January 1, 1996
Vehicles Separate accounts
Number of Holdings Approximately 65