Aaron John Ziulkowski

Senior ESG Analyst
Mr. Ziulkowski joined Boston Trust in 2013 as a senior ESG analyst. He is responsible for assessing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of existing and potential portfolio companies, and works on shareholder engagement initiatives related to a wide range of sustainability issues. He is also a member of the ESG Research & Engagement Committee.

Mr. Ziulkowski worked most recently at Ceres where he was responsible for multi-stakeholder dialogues with companies in the technology, energy and transportation sectors. Before joining Ceres, Mr. Ziulkowski worked for Pact, Inc., where he was responsible for helping build a program focused on responsible business practices in developing countries. Among other efforts, he helped develop a program addressing conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mr. Ziulkowski earned a BA, magna cum laude, from Westmont College and a MA in Latin American Studies from The George Washington University. He is a 2015 Level III CFA candidate.